First Time at InsightLA

Some helpful things for you to know before you arrive

You want to take a class:
If you want to take a class, please sign up on the website. You can pay securely online with your credit card, through PayPal or Amazon. If you’re curious about payment plans or need a fee reduction, please email the office at If the class still has space we accept walk-ins.

You are interested in a practice group/sitting group:
If you are interested in a practice group (“sitting group”), please just show up. If you plan to attend the group regularly, it’s good to sign up for the email roster. You can do that on the webpage for that group. 

At your first visit

First class or practice group:
Just come in. There will usually a person in charge of greeting new students.. 

In consideration of all participants but particularly those with sensitivities or allergies please do not wear scented personal care products (like perfume and cologne), including “natural” products and essential oils at InsightLA. We do not burn incense at InsightLA. 

Please leave your street shoes in the cubbies provided outside the classroom. You’re welcome to bring indoor shoes or slippers, but most folks wear socks or go barefoot.

Purses and Bags:
It’s safer to bring valuables into the hall with you. We ask that you leave bulkier items outside in the lobby. 

Chairs and meditation cushions:
We provide chairs, meditation mats and cushions – you can sit where you will be most comfortable, or bring your own cushion or meditation bench if you wish. If you suffer from chronic pain it’s fine to stand up or lie down on a mat. 

Water and teas:
We provide filtered water from our sink and teas. You can bring your tea cup or water into the classroom. 

Sitting posture:
You’ll notice everyone sitting still during meditation. It’s fine to relax and adjust your posture as needed. You can ask your teacher to help you with learning to sit comfortably. It is a part of the practice that we learn over time. You can notice the wish to move, and then shift quietly. It is also ok to stand up during meditation or class and of course, to use the bathroom as needed, or to get up during class to use the bathroom. 

Running late for class:
If you are running late for a class, please come in quietly. We all know life and traffic happen! We trust that you will do your best to be on time. 

Sitting group donations:

When you come to a sitting group, you’ll see a bowl with the sign “dana”. Dana means generosity or giving, and this is where you put any donation you would like to offer for the sitting group. We’re grateful for your offering, whether in cash, a check (made out to InsightLA) or with your CC info on one of the provided cards, sealed in a provided envelope.

Please be in touch:
Please don’t hesitate to be in touch (click here to contact us) with us about anything you wonder about. We are happy to hear from you.