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Trudy Goodman

Courage, Calm, Relaxation, Confidence, Breath

15 Minute Breath Meditation

Breathe confidence into your practice and courage into your life by learning to be with whatever experience life brings you.  This fifteen minute offering to yourself is the perfect way to tap into your own aliveness in an energizing and inspiring way. 

"And when you follow the out-breath all the way to the end, it can draw you into a moment of practicing in this way, over and over again, the breath can become a rudder to navigate the ups and downs of life with just a little bit more peacefulness, trust, and clarity." 

"Clearly knowing how it is for you right now --  and that however it is, it's not a mistake -- this is the truth of the moment. It couldn't be any other way. You couldn't  be any other way than how you are right now. There is no right or wrong way to be; the beauty of this practice is what's happening right now, who and how you are, is exactly the way it was meant to be simply because it is...simply because it's so."