After Death, A New Year

Like the sun inexorably returning from the darkest point of the year, something deeply regenerative resides within the earth and in the depths of imagination found inside the human heart. -Michael Meade

Dearest Readers,

As you know many of us have been affected by the passing of Ram Dass, a powerful visionary teacher. Thank you to everyone who wrote to InsightLA last week. 

What happens to us human beings when we die? It’s a great mystery. My London friend Fiona Hancock texted me on Tuesday to say how surprised she was to suddenly connect with Ram Dass in the other world after his death. In her vision, he explains how he has merged into oneness and is everywhere now. His presence is light-hearted and free; he’s laughing, saying it’s even more wondrous and extraordinary than he ever imagined. And yet, to his surprise, he still has an assignment as Ram Dass, in the identity he thought was gone forever when he left his body, to send his energy and support for awakening to us here on earth. 

I don’t know what you believe about consciousness after death, and I’m not sure myself, but I find this communication beautiful and loving. Fiona gave me permission to post some of her words. I share them with you not to become believers but to open your mind and heart to an unfathomable reality, vast beyond our usual experience and limited human identity.

Wherever you are, the teachings of Ram Dass and of the dharma open us to BE loving and timeless awareness. If this vision of Ram Dass inspires you, enjoy it, let it remind you of something important you know in yourself. If not, we still celebrate the new year and new decade together, knowing that we are connected to all things!

Love, Trudy   

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