Akemi Osajima

Akemi manages InsightLA’s volunteer programs and coordinates board relations & diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, along with strengthening community throughout the organization. 

Akemi spent every weekend of the first 18 years of her life at the Orange County Buddhist Church, learning the meaning of Sangha through the empowering Japanese American community youth groups there. Her meditation journey started in 2017 when she traveled to Thailand for a month to live at a mindful permaculture community and meditate at a Thai forest monastery. Upon returning to the US, she started sitting with the Against the Stream People of Color group which led her to the many offerings of InsightLA.

Prior to InsightLA, Akemi spent ten years working in various political non-profits, doing everything from registering new voters to issue-based campaigning to starting internship programs for college students. Her experience in organizing for social change in the local, state and national level of government is the foundation on which her mindfulness practice rests, and she’s passionate about connecting inner with outer transformation to heal ourselves and the world. 

Akemi expresses her own love for life through dancing, singing, painting, writing, and trail running. She teaches music and creative expression to kids, and started a spiritual soul band with her best friends (Mystic Tiger), performing regularly at InsightLA and other spiritual centers around California. 

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