Won Kim

Won Kim took his first meditation class in 2009. His practice proceeded in fits and starts until 2015, when he sought refuge at Against the Stream (ATS). He became at active member of the practice community (the sangha) volunteering to host sits and promoting classes and retreats online. After ATS closed its doors in 2018, Won worked to help keep the sangha connected online, letting people know when and where their teachers were holding classes in new venues. His efforts brought him to the attention of InsightLA, where he now works, writing and producing podcasts and video for the greater sangha online.

Prior to becoming interested in the dharma, Won Kim earned a B.A. in Political Science at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania; and served as a grassroots community organizer, and later, in local government, both in his native New York, and in Los Angeles. He has also painted in oils, illustrated storyboards and made animated shorts; and practiced martial arts, including Tang Soo Do, Aikido and Tai Chi Chuan.