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Refund and Event Policies

Sacred Movement is a blend of Therapeutic Yoga, Taoist Qigong, Insight Meditation & Mindfulness.  Please join InsightLA teacher Karen Cryer for this a weekly drop-in class focusing on postural alignment, balance, flexibility, increased range of motion, and strengthening.

Through the practices of Qigong, gentle Hatha yoga, and mindfulness meditation, this class will help you use your body to open your heart, create spaciousness, improve concentration, and promote overall well-being.

These gentle practices can promote healing, mobility, strength, and connection to your body.  This course provides specific takeaway techniques to relieve stress and become more grounded in daily life.

The overall flow of this class engages awareness of the body in movement and in rest, bringing energy and release to areas of tightness or injury.

Some of the practices will include:

– Neuromuscular self-care
– Understanding and working with the Five Elements
– Using the body scan meditation for greater awareness
– Seated Insight meditations

Other Class Notes: 

Though this is a healing practice, we are not guaranteeing specific individual results. This is a movement practice, please check with your physician if you have health concerns before participation.

You are welcome to simply drop-in on any class. 

Suggested Donation: $25

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