Giving From The Heart

When InsightLA Founding Teacher Trudy Goodman set out to offer mindfulness teachings in Los Angeles 17 years ago, she began by working with minors in juvenile halls who need a sustaining practice to help in the face of life’s challenges. Then she taught health care professionals who care generously for critically ill and dying children but don’t have the support and tools to invest in their own self-care. Deeply affected by repeated bereavements and loss, they appreciate learning the skills of mindfulness and meditation to help them with the fears, stress and moral distress encountered in their line of work.    
InsightLA launched Insight in Action as a natural outgrowth of our mission to calm hearts, open minds, and change the world.  Mindfulness and compassion are intrinsically healing for people experiencing the stressful effects of poverty and illness as well as for those taking care of them. The first programs were the classes Trudy taught in Central Juvenile Hall, mindfulness training she offered in community mental health clinics, and a series of daylong retreats designed to help professional caregivers be more fearlessly present in being with death and dying. 
Now, with the generous support of the InsightLA sangha, Insight in Action partners with 15 organizations to bring mindfulness practices where they are needed most. Through Insight in Action, InsightLA teachers offer mindful self-compassion teachings to cancer patients. They visit homeless shelters to offer respite through mindful writing practices. They reach beyond borders to offer mindfulness practices to refugees in Tijuana and Chad-Sudan. And, through the Mudita Fund, Insight in Action expands access to mindfulness teachings to people of color and those in the LGBTQ+ community.
As Program Director of Insight in Action, I am reminded again and again that these simple practices can be transformative for everyone everywhere, without exception. You, too, can be a part of this transformation. By giving a one-time or a monthly donation to InsightLA, you can help us act from a position of strength as we plan for our future. You can help us expand Insight in Action. You can help InsightLA reach its mission of calming minds, opening hearts, and changing the world. 
The need for meditation practices among vulnerable populations is ongoing and growing. Sustaining donors help InsightLA meet this need while deepening our donors’ practice at the same time. Many of our Sangha members and sustaining supporters appreciate the east of automated monthly donations. By clicking the banner below, you can make a monthly donation at whatever level fits into your budget. If you are able to give $125 dollars a month, you’ll receive the opportunity once a month to be our guest at one of our many daylong offerings. Some restrictions apply.  Please join us today by becoming a monthly donor to InsightLA. 
With metta,
Rosamaria Segura, Insight in Action Program Director