Carolina Huete-Lehman, LMFT


I am a psychotherapist, LMFT, formerly in private practice in the Glendale area for over 30 yrs. During my years in private practice, I provided individual and couples counseling, with an emphasis in developmental psychology, and specializing in mindfulness and psychotherapy for the last 15 years.

In addition to my psychotherapy practice, for the past 21 years I have been director of the Employee Well-Being Program at Adventist Health Glendale. At the hospital I have provided ‘mindfulness at work’ programs, a psychosocial support group for the ‘older worker’ facing transition/retirement. I have also led Stress Reduction seminars utilizing mindfulness meditation. I have had extensive training in the field of mindfulness meditation for the past 15 yrs., completed the Power of Awareness Certificate course with Tara Brach, PhD and Jack Kornfield, PhD, silent retreats, and many other Mindfulness Meditation courses. Most recently I completed the InsightLA Facilitator Training Program (FT3) which qualifies me to teach Mindfulness Practice.

My experience as a psychotherapist, Employee wellbeing specialist, and my own personal growth and development, has led me to focus special attention in the area of the psychology of aging for the last 10 years. Through this endeavor, I developed the Aging Mindfully Seminars, a meditation and support group. The group’s emphasis is to provide a safe space where individuals facing transitions of later life can gain support, resiliency and social connection with special focus on integrating mindfulness meditation and embracing the process of aging.

The Aging Mindfully Seminars have been a natural progression in my professional and personal development, the next step in the journey of my mindfulness meditation practice.

I have had the good fortune to begin a collaboration with a group of women with similar interests, and who inspire me to explore the potential of offering programs to enrich the lives of individuals in the throes of aging in this fast-paced technological age.

I am interested in bringing a creative and caring force to those individuals interested in being part of an Aging Mindfully meditation and support group.