Denise Bardovi


Denise has been studying and practicing meditation since 2007. She started with MBSR with Christiane Wolf for Chronic Illness and Pain Management, which has had a profound impact on her life. She has taken many classes at InsightLA and in 2014, she completed the Teacher’s Practicum for MBSR.

Denise has been a body oriented psychotherapist for almost 30 years and before that she was a body worker for 16. Her own journey living with chronic pain for the last 30 years has created a tremendous motivation for finding a way to have the best life possible. As part of her training, Denise has attended multiple residential silent retreats, each of which have allowed her to deepen her experience and training to deal with chronic pain. She is looking forward to passing multiple lessons on to others. She has been painting with the Painting Experience (mindful process painting) since 1986 and is now in their facilitators program.