Drïan Juarez

Drïan Juarez works as a global consultant on diversity and inclusion and is the Vice President of Programing for Trans Can Work where she works to build inclusive company cultures where gender diverse people can thrive. She has served as the Global Partnerships Manager for Grindr’s Grindr for Equality program where she promoted health, justice, and equality for the global LGBTQI community. She is the founder and former Program Manager of the LA LGBT Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project (TEEP). Building a solid foundation for TEEP, Juarez established cross-organizational/ cross-functional teams to assist in the mission of developing substantive employment and business opportunities for the Los Angeles Transgender community. Under her direction, TEEP worked with thousands of Transgender and gender nonconforming people by assisting with basic housing and helping Transgender and gender nonconforming people move from the street economy to assisting with more complex job skills like resume writing and job searches for Transgender people who transitioned after establishing professional careers.