Emilie Rosanvallon


Emilie Rosanvallon moved to LA in 2011 from her hometown, Paris, France. She discovered meditation in 2001 at Vassar College in New York. Over the past 15 years, Emilie has studied Buddhism and practiced meditation with Zen communities (La Demeure sans Limite Monastery in France; Le Jardin de L’Instant – a Paris-based sangha affiliated with Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village; The Zen Mountain Monastery in New York,) with Theravada Buddhism teachers (S.N. Goenka) and with Insight teachers (Eugene Cash from SFInsight and Trudy Goodman at InsightLA.)

Emilie is a graduate of InsightLA’s Mindfulness Facilitator Program.

As a hospice volunteer since 2016, she is passionate about end-of-life care and issues surrounding healthy aging. She leads grief support groups for adults in Koreatown and teaches mindfulness meditation to seniors with terminal illnesses within assisted living facilities in LA.

She holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson, where she serves as career coach in residence. A former circus and theater performer, Emilie continues to dance recreationally with her partner (swing, lindy hop.)