Malini Nagpal, BC-DMT, PhD

Visiting Teacher

Malini Nagpal holds a Master’s degree in Dance / Movement Therapy (DMT) from the University of California, Los Angeles; Board Certification in Dance / Movement Therapy (BC- DMT); Master of Sciences and Ph.D in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology; and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach.
Additionally, Dr. Nagpal is the President of the California Chapter of American Dance Therapy Association (CCADTA), is an Indian classical dancer of Kathak with cross cultural training in India, Thailand, and United States and has taught and performed internationally.

With extensive experience in practicing Dance/Movement Psycho-Therapy in the field of Psychology, Health Care, and Industrial / Organizational Psychology since early 1990s, Malini has created a unique approach to the practice of embodiment through movement. Some highlights of her work include:

  • Creation and implementation of dance/movement therapy and embodiment practice program to help clients of all ages deepen awareness of the body in movement through the study of dance/movement therapy

  • Led training and development programs internationally for actors, attorney groups, sales and marketing teams, health care professionals, and other public speaking activities around the world to teach embodiment through movement to achieve success through embodied communication

  • Developed a dance/body movement-based program to increase flexibility, teamwork, and leadership skills for an intact, high-performing sports team.

  • Has conducted extensive research in areas such as leadership, body-movement (embodied) communication, expressive body movement, and body language across cultures.

    Dr. Nagpal’s work is a science that creates optimum levels of professional and personal growth for her clients and community. She has published and presented her work internationally. Presenter:

Society Of Industrial Organizational Psychologist (SIOP)

  • Association Of Psychological Sciences (APS) – International Conference of Psychological Sciences

  • Featured Presenter at the Southern California American Dance Therapy Association Annual Conference.

  • Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE)

  • Parivarthan Counseling and Training Center in Bangalore, India. Conduct workshops on movement analysis and dance/movement therapy.

  • “Impact” conference on South Asia University of California Berkeley (UCB).

  • Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, India. Lectured on neurological disorder and use of dance/ movement therapy and movement analysis.

  • Guest speaker: Cypress College, CSULB, UCLA, UCB, USC, Kaiser Permanente, etc. Publications

  • Featured in Befit times Magazine

  • Featured in Brentwood Magazine: “All The Right Moves”

  • Featured in “The Hindu”: Leading daily newspaper in South India

  • Article “Joy In Schizophrenia: through dance/movement therapy” in The Journal of the California Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Volume 8, Number 3 on schizophrenia revisited.