Rowan Lommel

Visiting Teacher

Rowan Lommel is a student of the heart. Having faced loss early in her life, she devoted herself to healing. 

In the process of healing herself, she began to use the practices she learned as a way to support others in their healing journey.

Her studies led her to India to study at the source of yoga. 

She has been teaching therapeutic yoga since 2002, and started a yoga school, the New School of Yoga, teaching others how to teach therapeutic yoga.

Studying the healing process led her closer to home to study depth psychology. This endeavor was not only close to her home in Ojai, CA, but it was close to her Swiss roots as a student of Jung.

Her work now connects East & West, the mind and the body, the individual and the Earth, as a psychotherapist and yoga therapist.

She has a private practice out of her home in Ojai, where she lives with her husband and two sons.

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