We’re excited to release video from our sold out event, Waking up with Psychedelics. This evening was an honest discussion exploring whether there is a meritorious relationship existing between ancient wisdom traditions and psychedelics. Are mind-altering substances a legitimate means of personal transformation?

It’s inarguable that many Westerners have found spirituality through the use of psychoactive substances. It’s also true that practitioners with established contemplative disciplines incorporate mind-expanding plant medicines and chemicals as a tool to go deeper into their consciousness. Beyond the mystical aspects, scientists are researching the potential benefits of psychedelics as therapeutic agents for mental health issues including depression, anxiety, addiction, and end-of-life care.

On Sunday, May 13, 2018, Vincent Horn, Buddhist Geeks podcast host, moderated a panel conversation including two Western pioneers of Eastern traditions – Ram Dass, legendary spiritual teacher live-streaming from Maui, and Trudy Goodman, LA’s senior mindfulness teacher and founder of InsightLA, partnering with Spring Washam, author, teacher and healer, and Dr Charles Grob, UCLA psychedelic researcher – each provided their unique perspectives on the use of psychedelics in the waking-up process.

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