Mindfulness and COVID-19

The massive workplace disruption caused by COVID-19 and radical shifts to daily work habits are presenting a perfect opportunity for companies to demonstrate a commitment to their employees. Now perhaps more than ever, employees are seeking support for feelings of anxiety, restlessness and despair. Learning how to calm the mind, be present with what is, and develop a sense of compassion and connection are vital skills. Allow us to support your team through this crisis by providing evidence-based training in mindfulness. 

Mindfulness, defined as the simple practice of paying attention to the present moment non-judgmentally, has a long history globally, and for the last 50 years or so has been used in multiple settings to help alleviate stress, build focus and develop compassion. At InsightLA, we have offered high-quality mindfulness and compassion practices throughout the greater Los Angeles area for more than 20 years. 

We believe that mindfulness practice offered to employees within a community setting rather than simply through impersonal mindfulness apps is the most powerful and effective way to learn. Community-based learning has the power to profoundly impact company culture by demonstrating a commitment to individual wellbeing by offering tools that have been shown to reduce stress, improve focus, increase compassion, support creativity and strengthen resiliency. By learning these practices live and in community, employees will have real-time opportunities to connect with one another, cultivate mindful listening, healthier communication, and the kind of strong relationships that support a cohesive and collaborative work environment. With this in mind, we have developed a unique and supportive program to transform your company’s environment into a mindful and compassionate culture.  

Based on research showing the clear benefits of mindfulness in the workplace, our innovative 3-tiered program is designed for both small and large companies, and includes opportunities for leadership training as well. Companies opt into a suite of available opportunities, fine-tuning their participation for specific needs.

The individual employees who participate in our program at the Basic and Enhanced levels will learn the skills they need to become more attuned to their emotions, increase capacity to tolerate distress and build resilience. Those who become members at the more extensive tier have the opportunity to participate in two circles of mindfulness, with site-specific mindfulness training in the workplace, as well as the option to join the much larger community of mindfulness practice through InsightLA. This powerful combination creates a link between work and life, acknowledging their intersection and helping sustain individual practice both at work and at home. At all 3 tiers of subscription, we are convinced that companies and employees will experience substantial benefits.

InsightLA’s Workplace Mindfulness Support Plan

Tier 1: Basic Subscription 
Access to all online daily LIVE guided meditations, affinity groups & single session classes. InsightLA Affinity groups offer a safe container for people with a shared experience to find support and community. Examples include affinity groups for People of Color, Queer-identified, Parents, Chronic Pain and Illness, Immigrants, Transgender/Non-Binary, Aging, and Spanish Speakers.  Note: Employees will be able to attend these offerings in person at our centers in East Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills once the threat of COVID-19 has passed. 
Tier 2: Enhanced Subscription
Tier 1 plus, non-residential retreats & employees can opt into any of our multi-week courses, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) & Essentials of Mindfulness.   (3 month commitment) 
Tier 3: Plus Subscription

All benefits of Tier 1 & 2 plus InsightLA will create personalized training for your company’s specific culture and needs with two 1-hour sessions per month. (3 month commitment)

  • Potential examples include:
  • Strengthen listening and communication skills 
  • Improve responses to stress and difficulty
  • Enhance creativity and clarity
  • Building more compassionate working relationships
  • Disarming the inner critic
Monthly Subscription Pricing
  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
10 or less employees $500 $1000 $1500
25 employees $1000 $1500 $2000
26 – 50 employees $3000 $4000 $5000
50 – 100 employees $4000 $6000 $7500
100+ employees (Please call or email for rates)
For more information:
Contact: Mark Koberg, Executive Director
Email: mark@insightla.org
Call: 310-433-4756


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