Insight in Action

As part of our Insight in Action outreach program, we provide meditation and mindfulness training to caregivers and those on the front lines of suffering. Compassion fatigue is a serious problem in the helping professions and the non-profit sector. When caregivers, social workers, teachers, and volunteers feel supported and nourished, they are better able to do what they do best: assist those in our society who are most vulnerable and in need. 

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The dedicated fundraising efforts at InsightLA allow our highly trained meditation and mindfulness teachers to pursue their important work with non-profits throughout Los Angeles. Our Insight in Action program would not be possible without generous donations from our students and supporters. Please consider a tax-deductible gift to allow us to continue this necessary work. Your generous gift will allow us to fulfill our mission of calming minds, opening hearts, and changing the world. 

For more information or to partner with us in our Insight in Action program, please contact us at