Benedict Canyon Retreat House

Due to COVID-19, our physical centers will be closed until further notice. 

9940 Westwanda Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210  Map It

Location Notes:  You will be turning on to Westwanda Dr. from Benedict Canyon Dr.  In 0.1 mile you’ll arrive at 9940 Westwanda Dr. and you will see an InsightLA wooden sign pointing up the graveled driveway that leads up a hill.  Follow the driveway up to the top of the hill and park at the top on your left.  Please pull in as far as you can, as some cars will need to be double parked.  If you arrive and don’t see spots available on your left, you can drive straight past the gate entrance and park on the left after the sheds.  Please park as far back as possible so that more cars can fill in behind you.

Please do not block the garage of the house or block the driveway that leads to the road.

Parking is limited so carpooling is encouraged or using a ride share service to get dropped off.

Entrance:  You will enter the house via the winding stone stairway closest to the garage.  You’ll see an InsightLA sign pointing up the staircase to the entrance.  At the top of the stairs on your left, there is an area with cubbies to leave your shoes.

Food:  Please bring your own snacks and lunch to eat during a break, as there are no places to eat near the house. There is a fridge to store your food and a microwave and toaster available for heating.

What to bring:  You may wish to dress in layers and bring a blanket or shawl for your own comfort.  Meditation cushions and chairs are available at the retreat house, or you’re welcome to bring your own.  Please wear socks as you’ll be removing your shoes at the door.  Please bring a reusable water bottle or sealed mug, as complimentary water and tea will be available.

Cell reception:  Most cell phone carriers won’t have reception at this house.  You are welcome to use the landline should you need it:  424.302.0109.  There is free wi-fi available as well.

Accessibility:  This location is not wheelchair accessible.  There is a flight of stairs up to the entrance of the building.

Thanks for stopping by!

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