About Insight in Action

InsightLA’s Insight in Action program brings free mindfulness and meditation to marginalized communities that would otherwise not be able to afford or have access to these teachings. Insight in Action serves under resourced schools, health care clinics, and non-profits serving high-risk youth and those experiencing poverty.  The students, teachers, healthcare workers, and families have benefited from these mindfulness teachings by learning healthy coping mechanisms to deal with their suffering.    

We’re now partnering with 27 nonprofits in Los Angeles and throughout the world to bring mindfulness training to marginalized communities and caregivers on the front lines of suffering. 

This year, we continue to work in partnership with iACT who provides humanitarian action to aid, empower, and extend hope to refugees affected by mass atrocities. InsightLA teachers have gone to Chad, Cameroon and Greece to teach mindfulness-based skills to refugees and their advocates. Insight in Action teachers also traveled to Casa Arcoíris in Tijuana to offer mindfulness to the caregivers and the LGBTQ+ migrants seeking asylum at the border. 

In addition, we’re working in 5 different cities in Puerto Rico sharing mindfulness with health care organizations, public schools, and non-profits serving high risk youth and those experiencing poverty. 

Here in Los Angeles, we’ve continued to offer training for professional caregivers from area hospitals who are working with critically ill and dying children and adults. We’ve partnered with The Foundation for Living Beauty and The Cancer Support Community  to serve cancer survivors, and hosted retreats for Spanish speakers and bi-lingual families of cancer patients. 

We’re also offering these practices at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles to attorneys representing survivors of domestic violence, undocumented immigrants, and formerly incarcerated people. 

From our Insight in Action Facilitator – Delia Román

Les agradezco infinitamente el que nos permitieran ofrecer los talleres de mindfulness en las distintas comunidades que atiende Caras con Causa. Espero que tanto los líderes como los niños que participaron hayan obtenido más herramientas para vivir la vida a plenitud.

Hemos concluído con los talleres y quedamos a las órdenes de necesitar de nuestro apoyo en un futuro. En Caras con Causa hacen una labor extraordinaria y les deseo el mayor de los éxitos por el bien de tantos en las comunidades que impactan con tanto desprendimiento amor.



Insight in Schools:

We have a brand new school initiative to bring mindfulness to children and teens in under resourced communities.  InsightLA Board teachers Rosamaria Segura, Amy Love, and Lisa Kring have been instrumental in designing a curriculum that is both culturally sensitive and trauma- informed. Our mindfulness curriculum has also been introduced at local schools such as Para Los Ninos in downtown Los Angeles, and the El Rancho Unified School District in El Monte. 

Financial Support:

Since our inception, InsightLA has been committed to making our programs financially accessible, with no one turned away due to lack of funds. This past year we’ve increased the amount of our donation-based offerings. More than 65% of our offerings are offered freely on a by-donation basis. We’ve allocated 20% of spots for all fee-based offerings as “pay-what-you-can.” The donation-supported Mudita Fund provides additional financial support to people of color who wish to attend any fee-based event or program. 

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