A Murmuration of Starlings

https://youtu.be/L8BZmx9zJ1E This past week, I went north of San Rafael to Terra Linda at sunset to stand in an empty parking lot, looking for starlings. As the light fades, huge flocks of the glossy, black birds swirl high above the trees, streaming a... Read more

Thank you, 2020

As we bid 2020 a relieved farewell, I want to thank everyone who made 2020 an extraordinary year at InsightLA.   If you were able to come to classes and programs often, thank you for your steady engagement. If you are part of a regular sitti... Read more

The Starry Sky

This is a time to remember vastness and mystery. The year is ending with a cosmic conjunction unseen on Earth for 800 years. InsightLA held an important community gathering and ritual for letting-go of our Olympic and Melrose centers and envisioni... Read more

To Thine Own Self Be True

I would call Metta World Peace an alchemist, except there was nothing magical about the hard work he did to transform his troubles into triumph with the help of therapy, meditation, yoga. He stepped out of where he came from into where he truly wanted... Read more

Keeping Enlightenment

Yesterday I received a message written by one of the world’s great epidemiologists Dr. Larry Brilliant urging us to “please, please consider everything we do in light of how dangerous this pandemic is right now”. He and other public health colleagues ... Read more

Beyond Your Fear

What a tense, roller-coaster of an election week this has been! And what a vivid illustration of how the mind reacts wildly to what it wants - and doesn’t want. However you voted, for me, it was a Tuesday night of tears from not getting what I wanted,... Read more

Breathing in Bravery

As the election approaches and the eyes of the world are fixed on America, tension is building here at home.  When was the last time you slowed down, checked in with yourself, listened to your own troubled heart, worried brain, and stressed out body, ... Read more

Healing Society Through Our Relationships

Have you ever sat in silent meditation, focused on the breath, and wondered, how does this practice help dismantle oppression and make the world an equitable place for all? I know I have. Especially these days of so much loss, infuriation, uncertainty... Read more