Inner Wyoming- an excerpt from Real Life Sharon Salzberg

Inner Wyoming

One time when my colleague Joseph Goldstein and I were visiting a friend in Houston, we all went out to a restaurant to order takeout. As we were waiting for the food to be prepared, Joseph struck up a conversation with the young man working behind th... Read more

Healing Your Ancestral Lineage

The topics of ancestors, family trees, and our lineage are not ones that westerners understand very well. We weren’t brought up to think about our place in a living lineage or how the land where our ancestors lived for generations is a part of our ene... Read more

Living In Harmony | InsighLA Blog

Living in Harmony

I have a secret to share with you: the Buddha’s teachings on sila or “ethical conduct” are actually my favorite teachings. If for some reason I was never able to formally practice meditation again, I might actually be okay, because I would still be ab... Read more

learning to let go. Woman smiling with self compassion

Learning to Let Go

  A central aspect of mindfulness practice is learning to let go of expectations of how things should be or musings on how they should have been and rest in the experience of what is in the present moment. Practicing in this way without judging ... Read more