Driving Directions to the LMU Sitting Group

The group meets at the Marymount Center, located at the LMU Westchester campus on Lincoln Blvd.

From Lincoln Blvd. turn into LMU Drive. (As you enter, you’ll see a fountain on your right)

You’ll see a large building to your right (called University Hall) adjacent to the fountain.
Enter the SECOND driveway, P2, on the right of that building into underground parking.

Park in the P2 parking garage at University Hall and credit the kiosk near the central elevator with enough to get you up to 8 PM, after which they do not charge for parking.   You will need to input your license plate number. Usually,  $2.50 will be enough; if you arrive very early, then you will need to pay more.

Take the elevator by the parking machine to the first floor. Turn left into the atrium and walk to the far end. Take the escalators there to the third floor and then turn left toward the large windows in the front of the building. The Marymount Center for Prayer and Peace is on the right in the northeast corner of the building. Proceed through the lounge and through the wooden doors. Welcome! If you are late, please come in quietly, but do come in! There are chairs and some sitting cushions provided.

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