Casey Velasquez

Visiting Teacher

Casey Velasquez is Chicano and passionate about cultivating, practicing, and sharing the dharma in a way that is culturally relevant to his community, as well as other marginalized groups. He considers himself part of the struggle and the celebration of oppressed people and recognizes the connection between politics and spirituality to be the most authentic expression of interconnectedness.  

Casey has taught mindfulness and yoga in a variety of different settings—studios, schools, community centers. He has even taught in corporate offices, where he did not feel fully expressed, but values the experience and the $$. Casey has also taught to folx of all different backgrounds and ages. Incluso ha impartido clases en español, el idioma nativo de su pueblo.

Recognizing that his own well-being is deeply dependent on the well-being of others, Casey’s deepest wish is for all beings to embrace their own goodness and capacity to feel and share love.  


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