Karen Cryer

Karen Cryer has been helping clients through integrative bodywork, muscle therapy and Eastern healing practices for over 17 years. Her educational background includes emphasis on studies in bio-mechanics, exercise physiology, and yoga therapy.

Her interest in adding yoga & qigong to mindful movement sprang from personally not being able to find a yoga class that she found to be safe and workable for a body that was changing and getting older. That lead Karen to complete a Yoga for Seniors program at Duke University Integrative Medicine with an emphasis on certain medical conditions. She also completed a certification program in Yoga for Osteoporosis with Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall. These programs offer practices that are beneficial to body, mind, and heart in a way that reduces risk of injury, so common in many vigorous LA yoga classes. What began as a personal journey developed into teaching the Sacred Movement class at Insight LA, honoring the traditions of her teacher Sifu Matthew Cohen and Sacred Energy Arts.

In the body-based movement practices, we explore a wide range of ancient and contemporary self-regulation practices, including mindful movement, Taoist Qigong, and therapeutic yoga which support and enhance resilience and strengthen our ability to cope with stress, change, and uncertainty. These practices also support the growth and development of “inner resonance” which involves listening to the body and opening, trusting, and attuning to our inner wisdom.