Karen David


Karen has been meditating since 1991 and practicing in the Theravada tradition since 2005. She really appreciates the benefits of a regular mediation practice which for her has included becoming less reactive, less afraid, more open minded, gentler, and much more at ease with herself and others. Karen is particularly interested in studying the teachings of the Buddha and has spent significant periods of practice focusing on The Noble Eightfold Path, Dependent Origination and the Satthipatthana Sutta which is said to be the direct path to enlightenment (fingers crossed!). She loves to study the teachings and apply them in her life; to work with them both on and off the cushion. “It has brought a richness, curiosity and courage that has benefitted me greatly. May you be with what is happening in your life right now with spaciousness, as best you are able. :)” Karen is also a registered dietitian who has been working since 1997 to help people improve their relationships with food and their bodies.