Kate Lila Wheeler

Dharma Council, Visiting Teacher

Born in Oklahoma — sounds like beginning of Country and Western song. Two weeks later, Mom took me on a plane to Latin America. Whoops! First word was ‘perro,’ dog. Still like them. Went to grad school for writing. In 1988 in Burma I was a Buddhist nun for a while. Now I teach Buddhist meditation and write fiction books, live with my husband, David M. Guss, who is also a writer.

Since I teach meditation, an ethics statement is in order: I will try to embody the Buddha’s teachings by practicing them sincerely. Kindness in particular but wisdom, too, to the best of my ability. Teaching means we all have the ability to be enlightened — if we practice! As a teacher I’ll do my best to uphold that understanding. Sometimes I eat meat, likewise drink wine, but I will endeavor not to take advantage of any student financially, intellectually, sexually, emotionally — and to give you full attention — again, as best I can. Any mistakes or if I harm you, please let me know. Justice, spirituality, and trying to avert a climate catastrophe are inseparable. I work to help in those spheres as well. Making the best of this mysterious and fleeting life.