Martin Aylward

Martin Aylward went to India aged 19 and spent almost 5 years living in Asian monasteries, retreat centers, and with Himalayan hermits. He has been teaching dharma worldwide for 20 years. Martin co-founded and is guiding teacher of the retreat center in SW France, where he lives with his wife Gail, and where their (now adult) 2 children were raised. He is founding and guiding teacher of, and co-founder and director of the which has trained over 200 Mindfulness teachers in 25 countries. He takes groups of Dharma students to India and Bhutan, and in 2015 was invited by the Bhutanese government to speak at TEDx Thimphu. His teaching integrates a depth of experience in the Asian traditions in a contemporary context and language, and focusses on the inherent free-ness that is the ground of our human nature.