Wendy Block, LCSW


Wendy N. Block began practicing meditation at age 18, studying different traditions, including Buddhist, Hindu, and Advaita paths. She has been practicing Vipassana meditation for 20 years, and has helped teach and organize meditation programs in Long Beach for Long Beach Meditation and Insight LA. She is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the practice of meditation in small community settings and health organizations.

She has trained with cognitive psychologist Zindel Segal to teach Mindfulness- Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and facilitated mindfulness programs at Kaiser Permanente for adults and teens for many years.

Wendy teaches MBCT, Mindful Self Compassion, MICBT, (Mindfulness-integrated CBT) and Buddha’s Path classes. She completed the Dedicated Practitioner’s Program at InsightLA and Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and recently the MICBT program from UC San Diego. Her teachers are Trudy Goodman, Beth Sternlieb and Victor Bryd. She was authorized to teach Theravada Buddhism by Trudy Goodman and Sharon Salzburg.

She is a long-term student of the Diamond Approach.

She currently works as a therapist, integrating mindfulness and Buddhist psychology with psychotherapy and co-leads the InsightLA Long Beach sitting group.