Liz Fitzgerald, LCSW

Liz Fitzgerald, LCSW (they/them/theirs) has obtained certification in myriad modalities, and has also completed a few degrees. At present, they are gratefully making a living as a psychotherapist – walking alongside others as they wake up to the healing potential that resides within their minds and hearts, and within our many communities. As a white, gender expansive, queer, disabled/chronically ill survivor and person who grew up with both middle and working class influences, Liz thinks about, talks about, and pays loving attention to dynamics of power and oppression every step of the way. They are most fulfilled in their work when creating spur of the moment guided meditations, trusting embodiment, and co-creating heartful and culturally responsive psychotherapy relationships with their clients. Liz’s most indispensable training spans a lifetime touched by pain and struggle, joy and abundance. Time spent crumpled up client-side on the therapy couch, tossing and turning in crinkly hospital beds, managing misadventures in misgendering, sitting over a years’ worth of silent meditation retreats – over and over again, charting a course back to loving presence. They are also immensely grateful to be able to spend ample time savoring our natural world, laughing at all the worst dad jokes, and enjoying sweet moments at home in the company of their beloveds (one human, and one cat).