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Em Morrison

Em became interested in mindfulness and meditation in 2011 because she was having the best day of her life (just kidding). She loves nothing more than creating safe, fun, and healthy spaces for teens and adults to flourish. She has taught mindfulness at afterschool programs, summer camps, and on adult, young adult, and teen retreats.

She’s a regular member of IMCW’s LGBTQIA+ sangha and previously served on the IMCW Board of Directors and its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) group.

She’s been a guiding teacher for the Yearlong Mindfulness Teacher Certification Program with Mindful Schools for two years, where she’s helping to develop new courses. She focuses on Non-Violent Communication and restorative justice along with teaching the dharma as practices for personal AND collective liberation.

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December 3, 2024

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