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Kimber Simpkins

Kimber (She/her), for over twenty years, has been learning and teaching how to use meditation and movement to improve our relationships with our bodies, our spirits, our communities, and our world.

Kimber is a white, cis, queer mom and author who’s taught movement and mindfulness in the San Francisco Bay area for more than twenty years, bringing a body love and social justice perspective to teaching and learning. As a dharma practitioner, Kimber has witnessed first hand how the practice of mindfulness brings more compassion, connection, and joy to relationships and to life. Lately she has been diving deep into the devotional practices of Kwan Yin, which are tremendously nourishing and transformative. She’s also enjoying getting to know my healed ancestors and learning how to invite them into my life.

Kimber is immensely grateful to my teachers who include Noliwe Alexander, Carol Cano, JD Doyle, Amana Brembry Johnson, Thanissara and Kittisaro, Larry Yang, Spring Washam, Pema Chodron, Carlos Pomeda, and so many more. All of her work is infused with a Buddhist Dharma social justice and racial justice perspective.

Kimber is  a big believer in therapy, but is not a therapist. She offers instead compassionate listening, spiritual mentorship, and support for movement and meditation practice.

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December 3, 2024

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