Gabrielle Hammond


Gabrielle Hammond (Movement Teacher | Qigong) has been practicing as an acupuncturist and doctor of Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine for past 28 years, under the tutelage of a 64th generation Taoist Master Chang Yi Hsiang, who initiated her journey into contemplative arts, meditation, and qigong practice at a young age. Gabrielle continues to teach and practice qigong over 35 years later as the bedrock of her healing practice. She loves working with plants, both as an herbalist in healing and in the more subtle and energetic way we are connected with plants as allies. This love of plants has morphed into a love for Meditative Tea Ceremony as a heart practice.

She has been practicing Vipassana meditation for 15 years and practices silent meditation retreats annually. She has completed Spirit Rock’s two-year Dedicated Practitioner Program and Sacred Mountain Sangha’s two-year Dharmapala Training with Thanissara and Kittisaro. Her personal daily practice includes sitting, tea ceremony, qigong, and chanting.

She has a particular interest in devotional expression of the Dharma and bringing it alive to people and beings in health or creative crisis.


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Big Bear Retreat Center The Limitless Heart: Cultivating Metta in Turbulent Times

November 6, 2024

7 days 2:00 PM - 2:00 PM PT
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