Lama Rod Owens

Visiting Teacher

Considered one of the leaders of the next generation of Dharma teachers, Lama Rod Owens, has a blend of formal Buddhist training and life experience that gives him a unique ability to understand, relate, and engage with those around him in a way that’s spacious and sincere. His gentle, laid-back demeanor and willingness to bare his heart and soul makes others want to do the same. Even when seated in front of a room, he’s next to you, sharing his stories and struggles with an openness vulnerability and gentle humor that makes you genuinely feel good about who you are, with all your flaws and foibles, you’re lovable and deserving of happiness and joy.

He invites you into the cross sections of his life as a Black, queer male, born and raised in the South, and heavily influenced by the church and its community.

Learn more about Lama Rod Owens on his website.