Rosamaría Segura

Teacher, Teacher Council

Rosamaría is a committed practitioner of Insight and Zen meditations. She is currently facilitating mindfulness groups in Spanish and English in East Los Angeles, East Hollywood, Long Beach, and in refugee shelters in Tijuana, Mexico.

Prompted by Thich Nhat Hnh’s model of Engaged Buddhism, Rosamaría is inspired to mitigate human suffering using insights from mindfulness-based practices. She is passionate about sharing secular mindfulness practices in communities which have limited exposure to meditation practices and with groups dedicated to ecological and socio-economic justice.

Rosamaría is a graduate of InsightLA’s Facilitator Training Program, led by Trudy Goodman and Maureen Shannon-Chapple and continues her training in a mindfulness meditation teacher program, led by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield. She has also practiced with teachers from Long Beach Meditation, Spirit Rock, and with the Zen tradition in Deer Park Monastery and Yokoji- Zen Mountain Center.


Rosamaría ha practicado la meditación introspectiva y zen. Actualmente comparte prácticas de Atención Plena (Mindfulness) en español e inglés en Este de Los Ángeles, Este de Hollywood, Long Beach, y en albergues para refugiados en Tijuana, México.

Su pasión es enseñar practicas seculares de Atención Plena a grupos dedicados a al derecho y justicia social, económica y ambientalista.

Rosamaría se graduó del programa para facilitadores de InsightLA, con las maestras Trudy Goodman y Maureen Shannon-Chapple. Actualmente continúa su entrenamiento en un programa para maestros de meditación con los maestros Tara Brach y Jack Kornfield. También ha practicado con maestros de Long Beach Meditation, Spirit Rock, y con la tradición Zen en Deer Park Monastery y Yokoji-Zen Mountain Center.

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