Tricia Searcy


Tricia Searcy comes from a secular Buddhist perspective informed by the study of early Buddhist texts containing teachings useful for everyday life in today’s world—mindful awareness being central. Pilgrimage has played a significant role in her practice, taking her to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand with Stephen and Martine Batchelor.

She has also had the good fortune to spend time on retreats at Spirit Rock, Upaya Zen Center, Deer Park Monastery, Omega Institute, Shambala Mountain Retreat Center, Menla Retreat Center (Tibet House), and La Casa de Maria. She has been a member of the InsightLA community since 2009, participating in the Facilitator Training program with Trudy Goodman and Maureen Shannon-Chappelle; Tricia also completed the MBSR Teacher Training Practicum with Christiane Wolf and Mindfulness Facilitator Training Retreat at Spirit Rock with Diana Winston, Bob Stahl, Mark Coleman, and Ashley Sharp. She is also an attorney and mother of three teenagers.