Michael Karakashian, PhD


Michael joined the InsightLA community in 2014 and has been practicing insight meditation and a commitment to inner self-development since 1998. His initial/primary teacher at that time was a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, among others. He has a deep commitment to inner self-development and to bringing practice from the cushion into daily life. Michael’s core influences along these lines come from Theravadan and Tibetan Buddhism, as well as contemplative/meditative Christianity, and contemporary psychological science. Michael serves as a clinical psychologist and mental health program leader for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Greater L.A. Healthcare System, and as faculty for the national VA CALM mindfulness facilitation training program. Michael is highly committed to practing DEI principles and to continuing to do the inner work necessary for supporting the dismantling of systemic racism and white supremacy. He feels deeply grateful to the many teachers and other students who continue to inspire practice in the service of inner liberation and the liberation of all beings everywhere without exception. Thank you all for your practice and guidance.

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