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  • Location Online
  • Experience Levels All
  • This class is a donation based class. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
  • Date/Time Saturday, September 28, 2024
    10:00 AM - 8:00 PM PT

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“We tend not to understand what seeing is. The instant tendency of the mind is to think of what it is seeing—a statue of the Buddha, the floor, a cushion. But the seeing is a different thing. Seeing is a very, very obvious object. Just acknowledge that you are seeing.

Seeing and thinking have similar natures. Just as we want to notice not what we are thinking about, but rather that we are thinking, we want to be able to observe and learn about the process of seeing, in particular in relation to liking, disliking, and ignoring.”
– Sayadaw U Tejaniya

The “24-Hour Retreat” follows the teachings of Sayadaw U Tejaniya and serves as a continuation of Lienchi Tran’s 7+ Day Retreats. 

In this retreat, practitioners will spend the day alternating between sitting and walking meditation, continuing to apply mindfulness (which you have learned from Lienchi Tran’s  7+ Day retreats) to daily activities like eating, bathing, and sleeping while exploring deeper into the nature of the mind and the practice. There will be Dhamma talks and instructions, as well as opportunities for questions and discussion in group and individual.

This is an opportunity for practitioners to strengthen their practice by bringing the practice to all aspects of their experience and connecting with their innate wisdom throughout 24 hours. 

Prerequisite: Attendance at one of Lienchi’s retreats (in Sayadaw U Tejaniya’s Style Retreat) or experience with Sayadaw U Tejaniya’s style of practice are a prerequisite for this retreat.

9:00-10:00 Instruction 
10:00-10:30 Walking/Movement Meditation 
10:30-11:00 Sitting/Stationary Meditation 
11:00-11:30 Walking/Movement Meditation 
11:30-12:00 Sitting/Stationary Meditation 
12:00-1:00 Meal Break 
1:00-1:30 Walking/Movement Meditation 
1:30-2:00 Sitting/Stationary Meditation 
2:00-2:45 Walking/Movement Meditation
2:45-3:30 Sitting/Stationary Meditation 
3:30-4:00 Walking/Movement Meditation 
4:00-5:00 Dharma Talk and Q&A
5:00-5:30 Walking/Movement Meditation 
5:30-6:00 Sitting/Stationary Meditation 
6:00-7:00 Meal Break 
7:00-7:30 Walking/Movement Meditation
7:30-8:15 Sitting/Stationary Meditation

7:00-7:30am Sitting/Stationary Meditation 
7:30-8:00 Walking/Movement Meditation 
8:00-8:30am Sitting/Stationary Meditation 
8:30-9:00 Closing 

“Lien Chi “LC” Tran is one of the most experienced practitioners amongst the new generation of teachers.” -Jack Kornfield

“LC is a teacher like no other in the west. She is of the Burmese Vietnamese tradition but with her own personal spin on Meditation. She is one of the most generous teachers of the dharma I have encountered. She is driven by immense faith to share and pass the wisdom of the teachings to others. Her personal experiences that are shared are an impeccable reminder of the universal nature of suffering and the path to freedom. I feel very blessed to have had this retreat and the karma momentum that it has brought me and my family.”

“My retreats with LC have been nothing short of mind-altering. Her refreshing, more simple approach to meditation and mindfulness is very direct, real, and grounded, and her level of genuine kindness and humility is admirable. I’ve been practicing meditation for years, and her approach was like a bright light illuminating a path that was there the whole time but wasn’t clear until now.”

“LC’s level of practice was mind-blowing. Her extremely practical and experience based teachings stood in stark contrast to many other teachers I have studied with in the past.”

“Practicing with LC is like receiving a gift of skillful practices and embodied teachings alive with love and generosity. She naturally inspires and nourishes our heartful sangha. But don’t take my word for it. Please come see for yourself.”

“LC truly embodies the teachings and is an inspiration to study with. LC is so charming and sweet. Her smile is priceless. I loved how she shared so much of her personal life and emphasized the simplicity of and importance of practice. Together they have helped me tap into the essence of who I really am and have inspired me more than I ever expected to deepen my own practice as I prepare to share the practice of mindfulness with others. I highly recommend her to any and everyone!”

Suggested Donation: $100


LC Tran Teacher

Lienchi was born into a Buddhist family. She began her path of meditation in 1986 with Thay Thich Nhat Hanh in the Mahayana tradition. In 1994, she met Venerable Khippapanno, and his kindness and wisdom inspired Lienchi to practice in the Theravada tradition. Since 1998, Lienchi has been visiting Asia regularly and has practiced with... Read more

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