Melissa McKay

Senior Teacher

Melissa McKay is a Los Angeles based meditation and Yoga teacher, who has dedicated herself to her practice for over 20 years. Melissa began her path of meditation in 1998, practicing with Buddhist masters from both Burma and the United States. She continues to attend intensive silent meditation retreats yearly, accumulating over 10,000 hours of meditation training.

Her teacher Bhante Khippapano gave her permission to teach, and since 2003, she has taught at centers all over the United States. In New York she teaches at Kula, and MNDFL; in Los Angeles she teaches at InsightLA, The Den and Wanderlust. She also leads retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings around the country including Joshua Tree, Won Dharma Center, and the Wanderlust 108 festivals.

Melissa has also been practicing Yoga since 1996. In New York, She owned her own studio in Brooklyn, and is well known for incorporating her meditation training into her classes to bring focus and serenity to her students. With her years of meditation and Yoga, Melissa has felt immense benefits to her life, and is dedicated to sharing her practices with others so they can experience the same, and live a life of happiness and fulfillment.