All You Need is Love

It’s an overused phrase for sure, but the Beatles did land on some wisdom.  I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for nearly 20 years, but only recently do I finally understand in my heart (not just my head) the truth that yes, all we do need is love.  Let me explain….

Many people seek out meditation because something is not quite right in their lives.  You may have come to practice looking for relief, help with being stressed out, dealing with grief, wondering what life is all about, I know I did. But then I realized I can’t avoid or escape it; pain is an intrinsic part of our human life.  I was taught to watch all of these pains with radical allowing and acceptance, because if the pain is already here, there’s no use pushing it away or denying it.  It’s already here!  

While this is certainly the way to practice, I recently learned (after all this time!) that in addition to soaking my attention into the ouch in the heart with as much acceptance and equanimity as possible, there are phrases to direct into the ouch, that can magicallyloosen, unravel and even dissolve the emotional pain associated with whatever is happening!  I mean WOW.  No kidding.  

Maybe you, like me, heard the word “compassion” but didn’t really know how to engage with it.  However, Mindful Self Compassion teaches specific phrases that resonate, soften and even unlock my hurt:  “I care about your pain.  May I be free from suffering…”  The key is to find phrases that resonate with your own heart, so that when you feel into the ouch, you can begin to sense a loosening. It is a life changing discovery.  When love meets pain, the pain can surrender.  All you need is love.

Our mindfulness practice is indeed magical.  It is transforming.  When I’m courageous enough to open up to what is already here and meet it with my love, I can face anything that life hands me – and so can you. 

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