woman meditating winter holidays

Gift Given to Everyone

The holidays can be demanding and stressful as well as a time for celebration, reflection, and gratitude. One thing I’ve been reflecting on this week is that we often take the gift of existence for granted. This gift, both ordinary and miraculous, is ... Read more

Steadiness Amidst the Waves

  Tomorrow morning, I’m offering teachings on “Steadiness Amidst The Waves.” How does what I notice or miss in any moment affect the steadiness of my heart? As I drive, I see a man at the approaching intersection selling flowers, his weatherbea... Read more

Too Busy Is A Lie

  Today I was interviewed by Vince Horn*. Vince is starting an oral history project called, “My Beloved Teachers,” a loving way to capture teachings and memories of his older teachers about their own  teachers who are long gone. Vince starts his... Read more

Let Your Love Light Shine

When I sat down to write to you this week, I asked myself, “What do Juneteenth, Father’s Day the summer solstice and Pride month have to do with one another, besides their proximity in one weekend?” Each is a call to shine some love and light on a p... Read more

Motherer’s Day

  Indigenous peoples revere Mother Earth. Ancestral knowledge teaches that all life is sacred, and women are the givers of life. All women who fill a mother’s role for others are recognized. Respect and appreciation for mothers and parents is de... Read more

In Memoriam, Carol Moss

Our dear beloved friend, Carol Moss, passed away early Saturday morning. When I first moved to Los Angeles around 20 years ago now, Carol was one of the very first people to encourage me during those lonely days. I am forever grateful for her encourag... Read more

Elián’s Birth

My beloved cousin Myra, whom some of you know from our teaching together, wrote about her new grandson’s birth. Most women - even when there is access to good prenatal medical care and birthing - don’t have the opportunity to birth their babies surrou... Read more