Recalibrate and Calmly Gather

As the nights get a little cooler, I notice I’m craving more time to settle and slow down. Life can be so busy. My body is telling me to listen closely for taking pause and care.  I find that just as I want to get cozy with a cup of tea, the busyness of the winter holidays are upon me, filled with activity. It is during this time of busyness that I especially appreciate the time I take for mindfulness meditation.  I am so grateful for a practice that allows me to recalibrate and calmly gather my attention when I feel especially frazzled. When I’m able to meditate in a group setting, the energy of the room feels even more supportive.  

Because mindfulness meditation is so important to me and to our community, It is my great joy to hold space for our sitting group at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, on Monday evenings in January 2024. I find sitting with other people nourishing. I also know that many of us will need the support to re-center ourselves after a busy December.  Starting off the year in mutual care and support can also set the right auspicious tone for the new year!   Let’s support each other in our practice by sitting together and joining in community.  

Eileen Ybarra began studying Theravadan Buddhism meditation practice in 2004. Her first meditation teacher was Trudy Goodman. Since 2004, she has also studied with a variety of dharma teachers through the Against the Stream Meditation Society, Insight Meditation Center of Redwood City, Durango Dharma Center, and Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Her profession is public librarianship, a meaningful practice of service and mindfulness, which she is grateful for… READ MORE

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