Celebrating Empowerment

wildwomxn was birthed pre-pandemic, just as the Women’s Marches and #metoo were upending the conversation for gender equality. Society was shining a new light on the challenges of living in a female body; we were empowered. Newly emerged from the ILA Facilitator Training, Lulu and I both expressed interest in forming a women’s circle. What did it mean to be a woman as we moved into our forties? Lulu was becoming a mother for the first time and I was deepening into motherhood with a tween girl coming of age.

To succeed and assimilate in the business world, we had leaned into our masculine energies and had lost something essential. We had lost a deep connection to the unfathomable, ancient magic of womanhood. Around this time, I stumbled on Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s classic text “Women Who Run With The Wolves.” Estes powerfully describes the journey of the historically maligned archetype of the “wild woman.” Through the lens of folk tales and Jungian psychology, she illuminates the trials the untamed female spirit has faced existing in a modern world built by patriarchy.

She celebrates the passionate, spiritual, creative and generative power of women, the priestesses, artists, seekers, healers, the exiles and the “witches” that were burnt at stakes or the “bad” girls that won’t take “no” for an answer. As I devoured the book I cried, realizing this wildness was the part of me that had been disowned. I belonged to this tribe, and maybe you do, too. I texted Lulu as I ploughed through the pages, highlighting quotes: “This is our Bible! Every woman I know needs this book!” And wildwomxn was born.

Our monthly circles in LA evolved into a magical sisterhood of the fierce feminine – a multi-generational support system coming together to learn from each other in sharing, healing and just plain silence. We will continue to do special events, from camping to workshops to daylongs. Now let’s build a more regular community of wildwomxn through a weekly sit, open to people around the world.

wildwomxn weekly is now every Friday at 8:15 AM PT. Come join us!

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