Metta Prayers

This is a dynamic list of prayers that will never remain the same.  The prayers continuously change-evolve based on whatever is needed at the moment. I invite you to breath in, soften, marinate, consume, those prayers that feel right for you. 

Prayers sent to:1) Yourself, 2) benefactor/mentor, 3) neutral person, 4) difficult person 5) all beings, the earth & universe.


  1. May I come to know, recognize that “I AM” — the “I Am” that is before my body and the “I AM” that continues to be after my body — the “I AM” that is Timeless Awareness.
  2. May I come to know that I am not just a drop in the ocean or a part of the oneness. I am the ocean. I am the Oneness. 
  3. May I come to know, experience the Loving Limitless Being that I am.
  4. May I know that I am the power of creation and may I create with Loving Awareness
  5. May I recognize/remember that I am Love, a healing life force/source, a birthing place for peace, compassion, kindness, awakening, whatever is needed now.
  6. May I truly understand – know that there is nothing to protect (ego) and may I live this way.


  1. May I soften and offer my open heart to this very moment that is being birthed now.
  2. May I soften, soften, soften, allowing myself to take off my heavy weighted armor (of protection), that I may love and receive love.
  3. May I open my heart to see-experience the wonders of this universe that is loving and blessing me (regardless of the situation I may find myself in).
  4. May I open my heart to the love and beauty that is me and all around me.
  5. May open heart, joy, playfulness and peace, comfortably live in me.
  6. May I allow myself to be quiet so I can hear and receive the wisdom of the trees, mountains, ocean, animals, and street lamp. May I recognize that everything is alive and is my ally.


  1. May I allow the love that I am to be set free, joyfully, playfully, boldly & with kindness.
  2. May I allow my heart to be exposed, naked, wild and free in this vast mysterious wilderness of possibilities.
  3. May I allow myself to sing out loud as if the whole world is eagerly waiting to receive and embrace my song.
  4. May I set myself free, taking off my ill-fitted-suits of a “Somebody” to allow myself to simply Be.
  5. May I seek out my inner child and let her/him know that he/she is safe to come out and play.


  1. Recognizing that I do not know what I do not know, may I allow myself the space for not knowing and to trust life to show me what is needed when it is needed.
  2. May I recognize that each moment being birthed, is unknown territory, and may I allow myself to receive it with a “freshness”, a “newness”, an “openness”.


  1. May I let go of everything of the past and of all my projections of the future, and simply allow myself to rest here, in this moment, that is being birthed now.
  2. May I notice the stories I am in and may I set myself free from the stories that bind me. (Tied to ethnicity, religion, spirituality, politics, family, economics, physicality, spirituality, beliefs, projections of the future, wounds of the past, etc.)


  1. May I be healthy, strong, agile and alert, with peace of mind.
  2. When triggered, may I pause, soften and allow myself to feel-recognize the root of the wound that is calling out for healing.
  3. May all my difficult emotions and physical pain be heard and held with compassion. (Sadness, anxiety, fear, loneliness, etc.)
  4. May I meet pain and suffering with compassion, wisdom and courage, allowing for all my inner children to feel safe and cared for.
  5. May my self-talk be kind, nourishing, uplifting, and truthful.
  6. May I come to know that fear, anxiety, loneliness, confusion, despair, rage, shame are energetic guests, teachers – here to wake me up, show me who I am.
  7. May I come to know “Change” and “Vulnerability” as great Medicine Teachers.
  8. With Loving Awareness, may I allow myself to fully be present in this moment, in the midst of whatever is happening now.
  9. May I feel, notice my edge and soften, soften, soften, surrender, allow, allow myself to be present with what is.


  1. May I know that I am more than enough.
  2. May I recognize that all labels (even the ones I am proud of and worked so very hard for) are too small. May I recognize that I am beyond labels and definitions.
  3. May I know that I can rest here, just like I am, without having to change a thing.
  4. May I forgive myself and allow myself to embrace my imperfections with compassion, kindness and playfulness


  1. May I come to know that no one deserves my love more than me.
  2. May I honor myself with kindness and compassion and may I honors others as I would want to be honored.
  3. May the love I offer myself and share with others be a stepping stone, a run way for setting myself and others free. (not a cage filled with attachments, expectations, disappointments, illusions, etc.)
  4. May I shine my light so that others may see/recognize the light and love they are.
  5. May I celebrate the happiness of others as if it were my own happiness.


  1. May I be a kind, compassionate and playful welcomer to myself.
  2. May I notice the child in me that needs to be seen and welcomed by me.
  3. May I recognize that I am continuously being welcomed by all that surrounds me, the chair, cup, doors, bed, toothbrush, fork, window, lamp post….
  4. May I know that ME, being born at this time, in this family, on this land was not a mistake. The universe needs my special gift that I already am.
  5. As each of my footsteps touches the earth, may I notice how the earth receives me unconditionally, welcomes me.
  6. May I know that the Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Ocean, Mountains, Deserts welcomes me into their warm embrace, and know me as their own.


  1. May I intimately know that We “inter-are”. My suffering and healing is everyone’s suffering and healing. Everyone’s suffering and healing is my own suffering and healing.
  2. May I have the courage to soften, soften, soften, allowing my heart to feel the pain I carry and may I have the wisdom to meet it with loving awareness.
  3. May I have the courage to soften, soften, soften, allowing my heart to feel the pain carried by others and may I have the wisdom to meet it with loving awareness.
  4. May I notice my judgements as they arise and may I come to know the root of my judgements. May I respond with loving awareness.