The Art of Using Your Voice to Quiet the Mind

The first time I sat down to meditate, I received two simple instructions: Focus on your breath; and as thoughts arise, let them go. It seemed simple, though as any of you fellow meditators know, this practice alone can last a lifetime. 

What I noticed and became fascinated with were the voices contained within the thoughts, the nature of them, what they sounded like, and how damn LOUD they were. As a musician, I also began to notice them as I performed. These voices would plague my experiences on stage and bring me into a state of fight or flight, rather than at peace with the music and audience. In an effort to shift this experience, I became determined. 

So I meditated more. 
Studied more.
Many schools, many styles. 
Each technique was one step closer to helping me understand these voices, and ultimately how to use the sound of my voice to quiet them.  

Connecting with my voice on a deeper level through humming to myself, I noticed that my mind would quiet more easily. And every day, I started my meditation practice with this technique.

As a sound healer, I learned all the reasons why this simple practice helped me so much. I truly discovered how my earlier music experiences served my meditation practice in a profound way, and how much working with sound can help aid in any type of meditation practice when used with clear intentions. 

I now offer this simple humming exercise to you before beginning your practice: 

Close your eyes and start humming on whatever pitch feels good, feeling the buzz on your lips in the front of your face. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth on the hum for one minute. Once you feel complete, continue with your meditation practice as usual. 

Incorporating your voice as part of your meditation practice can open your field of perception, and deeply connect you to your inner voice.


Helane Marie Anderson is a transformational voice coach, singer, pianist, sound healer, musician, composer, energy healer, author, multi-instrumentalist, and teacher. Helane wrote YOU ARE MEANT TO SING! 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice. Visit her website and Instagram account: @sacralsoundsla. Join us for the upcoming InsightLA Sound Meditation with Helane either in-person or online.

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