Video: Beyond the Dilemma: Unpacking Solutions to The Social Dilemma

Since its Netflix release in September, the film The Social Dilemma  has been viewed by 38 million people. It speaks of the tech benefits we know while explaining exactly how its design creates unintended suffering and divisiveness caused by social media  – it is relevant for understanding world-wide conflicts at this time in history. Join the film’s brilliant creator Tristan Harris and celebrated mindfulness teachers Trudy Goodman and Jack Kornfield in a special dialogue on how we can solve the Social Dilemma.

Discussion topics include:

  • How can we understand and heal some of the extreme political division that exists across the US and other countries?
  • How do we grapple with the asymmetry of power between exponentially advancing technology and our human physiology?
  • Dependent Co-Arising – how is technology effecting us at the individual level and how is social media shaping our communities and our ability to solve the challenges in front of us?
  • What’s the solution and what changes do we need to make?

Center for Humane Technology is dedicated to creating the conditions for radically reimagined 21st century digital infrastructure. The Center for Human Technology is:

    • Values-centric and designed with awareness that technology is never neutral, and is inevitably shaped by its surrounding socioeconomic environment
    • Sensitive to human nature and doesn’t exploit our innate physiological vulnerabilities
    • Narrows the gap between the powerful and the marginalized instead of increasing that gap
    • Reduces greed and hatred instead of perpetuating them
    • Helps to build shared truth instead of dividing us with fragmenting realities
    • Accounts for and minimizes the externalities that it generates in the world

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