A Note From Jack Kornfield: Wise Society

Trudy and I have had the privilege of staying at Montagne-Alternative, a visionary community high in the Swiss Alps. The community has rebuilt an ancient and semi-deserted Swiss Mountain village to create an elegant center for groups to learn integrated and healthy ways of development. They foster innovative business conferences and creative community living. It is inspiring to see this example, shared by people in every country who value compassion, care for the earth, social well-being and shared prosperity.

The Buddha called this the creation of Wise Society…based on mutual respect, protection and care for one another and the environment. We can contribute to this possibility in our own community, just where we are.

With all the troubles in the world, let’s work to create a new way, based on generosity. compassion, virtue and wisdom. Let’s stretch out our hands and protect the vulnerable, and plant and nourish what is beautiful. It is possible, the seeds are in each one of us.

Love, Jack

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