Teacher Authorization Ceremony

It was an honor to get to support one of my mentors, Rosamaria Segura, and InsightLA teacher, Eric McCullum, for their Theravada Lineage Teacher Authorization Ceremony two weeks ago at the Lighting the Lamp of Dharma event lead by Trudy Goodman and indigenous elder Tata G from the Gabrielino-Tongva and Chumash nations. This event brought together beautiful elements from both Buddhist and Indigenous ceremonies to build a bridge between these cultures which have so much in common, including reverence for the natural world. 

We gathered under the shade of a beautiful old pine tree and sat in circle while Tata G led an opening ceremony to share indigenous wisdom in front of a beautiful earth altar with flowers and smoke of copal, sage and tobacco. Jack Kornfield shared his wisdom on the Three Refuges, refuge in the Buddha which includes Mother Earth, refuge in the Dharma, the wisdom of love and compassion, and refuge in the Sangha which we were all gathered to celebrate. Trudy led a symbolic lighting of both Rosamaria and Eric’s candles to remind them of the light that they share so warmly with the world. 

Congratulations Rosamaria Segura and Eric McCullum! We can’t wait to sit with you both again. We honor you and thank you for your dedication to these teachings and your Dharma.

Join Rosamaria on Sept 23rd 3:00 – 7:30 PM PT for
Autumn Equinox A Time for Balance & Gratitude and
​​​​​​​Equinoccio de Otoño Epoca de Balance y Agradecimiento
at Benedict Canyon Retreat House

Join Eric on Oct 28th 9:00 – 4:00 PM PT for
The Power of Insight
at Benedict Canyon Retreat House 

Join Eric Every Tuesday 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM PT for
Tuesday Evening Practice Group 

Nicki Wong is a practitioner of energy and sound as tools to heal the etheric fields around the human body which can immediately affect change in a person’s outlook and allow them to tap into their own inner guidance and intuition. Through aligning herself to connect with the Divine within and outside all of us, she becomes a channel for the healing vibrations of sound and energy to move through her. Using Usui Reiki work, sacred plant energies, channeling and Vipassana meditation, she considers herself a student on the path of Dharma.

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