Year End Giving

Dear friends,

This year marks InsightLA’s 15th Anniversary and we have much to celebrate. Thanks to your loyal support, InsightLA has taught thousands of people skills that bring compassion and joy to the forefront of life. Over the past year, amidst the divisivenenss in our world, InsightLA has been a refuge. You’ve helped create spaces across the city that sustain us Angelenos, places to steady the heart and learn powerful practices of loving awareness, insight, and wisdom.

I meet remarkable people all over who tell me how much the teachings from InsightLA have changed their lives. In line at the movies, Jerry tells me how grateful he is for the mindfulness training that gives him a foundation of well-being for his intense and stressful work in business and entertainment. Pushing my shopping cart at the Co-op, Marisol stops to thank me for the lovingkindess meditations and sense of community that helped ease her pain after the loss of her husband.

Carol is a woman experiencing homelessness. When someone steals her things and threatens her, she arrives at her mindful writing group at StepUp in Santa Monica scared and desperate. After she reads her story to the group, two kind men in the mindful writing group offer to find her a safer place to sleep — under “their” bridge.

Carol is part of our programs “Insight in Action”. We need your assistance to continue bringing healing mindfulness skills to professional caregivers who serve the most vulnerable – those who critically ill and dying, our veterans, the clients of organizations including: The Downtown Women’s Shelter, Safe Place for Youth, and GreenDot Public Schools. We can’t do this beautiful work without you. We need the support that comes from your goodness and caring for humanity so we can send teachers to underserved folks as well.

I’m so proud of the community we have created together. Our many classes, trainings, and free meditation groups, our well trained teachers and renowned visiting speakers, the financial aid we offer are all here for you, for the wellbeing of LA and the wider world — changing lives with each breath!

Please give generously. Not only will your generosity make you feel happy, you’re making sure we can keep serving those who need us and reach out to many more. Consider giving $50, $100, $500 or more. Your gift now means our survival into the future.

Over and over again, heart-warming stories show me the difference InsightLA can make in all our lives.

We rely on your gifts to be able to continue the life-changing work we do. Together, we can make the world a more compassionate place for our children and all beings

With deepest gratitude,

Trudy Goodman

Founding Teacher

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During this month our friend, and board member, Bill Resnick, has generously offered to match all donations. Please give today and double your contribution.

To find out more about Insight in Action, please click HERE to watch a video.

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