It's Not Too Late

This year is coming to an end. We celebrate having made it through 2017, thanks to our practice of mindfulness, the loving awareness that helps smooth out the lumps and bumps of life. We celebrate a ‘blank slate’ of fresh possibilities and new ways to be. We celebrate being alive!

Resting here on the couch, I quietly marvel — new waves of breath keep rolling in. As one breath dissolves into space and vanishes, a new one arises. The waves of breaths we’ll call 2018, are about to be born. The ancients compared us and our world to evanescent foam floating on the water — empty, unsubstantial, with no enduring essence.

What really matters in this fleeting world? What is most important? When we’re clear about what matters most to us, then we extend our care to the world. When we do, money and generosity can carry our deepest intentions, our life energy, our love, compassion, and service. It is a path, a way to offer what we have to what we love the most.

I’m happy to tell you it’s not too late for your InsightLA end-of-the-year donation to be matched. A generous donor and loving member of our community, has agreed to match any contribution made by the end of January 2018 – AND the annual total of all monthly giving for those who sign up for our monthly giving program by the end of 2018. Each dollar you are able to contribute and each dollar you are able to pledge through our monthly giving program will be matched equally up to $50, 000.

You will be part of our work all year long with underserved communities throughout Los Angeles, and our commitment to offer support to those on the front lines of suffering. We all need a helping hand and support, especially caregivers, and a meditation practice facilitated by our highly trained teachers will make a difference.

Any amount you can find in your heart to give will be joyfully appreciated and will go toward making our community and our world a more loving and peaceful place to live.

From all of us at InsightLA, we wish much love in the new year. We look forward to seeing you soon. You always have a place to practice. Come sit with us!


Trudy, our hard-working office team, dedicated board of directors, and our teachers – all of us committed to you and your flourishing. Happy New Year!

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