Compassion For This Moment

20 years ago, when the Twin Towers fell, many of us experienced some shared moments of suffering – confusion, shock, fear, anger, and grief (the ripples, reactions, and repercussions unfolding from that tragedy we’re globally still grappling with toda... Read more

Let Metta guide your actions

Metta is a Pali word which is most often translated as lovingkindness.  It’s not a perfect translation because that’s not a word that is used in English.  Other translations used are benevolence, good-will, loving friendliness, universal love etc.  Me... Read more

Self-Compassion’s Core Questions

The quintessential question of Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) is, “What do I need right now?”  That is, mindfully checking in with yourself, and if stress or struggle are present, showing up for yourself as you would a friend – maybe offering some so... Read more

Freedom on a Windowsill

  Ahhhh...holidays! Just hearing that word has such nostalgic power. I dream of freedom from routines, time to meditate more, relax, hang out with family, friends and community who remind me of being loved and important to others besides myself.... Read more

Vesak, Full Moon in May

The upcoming full moon in May is Vesak, a special Buddhist  holiday observed around the world, inspired by the Buddha’s teachings of compassion, peace and goodwill. Vesak honors his birth, enlightenment and death, all together. Vesak is joyful, celebr... Read more

Meditate For India – Benefit Saturday May 15th

  India is suffering. COVID is ravaging the medical system and the supplies. We would like to offer refuge to feeling helpless or afraid. We have planned a 24/7 round-the-clock meditation and yoga marathon sessions offered by well-known global t... Read more

Everything Becomes Beautiful

At a meeting with Gil Fronsdal, a friend and colleague who knows Pali, the language of the ancient Buddhist texts he said what the Buddha taught is often not conveyed in its full richness with the translations we currently have. For example, the word ... Read more

Solidarity with Asian Lives

Akemi’s parents, BJ and Ron, at a #StopAsianHate rally in Irvine yesterday. As I hear about the horrific murders of Asian American women at Atlanta massage spas this week, the latest in a string of over 3,795 reported anti-Asian hate incidents this p... Read more

All You Need is Love

It’s an overused phrase for sure, but the Beatles did land on some wisdom.  I have been practicing mindfulness meditation for nearly 20 years, but only recently do I finally understand in my heart (not just my head) the truth that yes, all we do need ... Read more