Existence is a Gift

Did you create your self? Did you call yourself into being? None of us consciously did that. So we are born a gift, our existence is given to us as a gift. This is the generosity of life creating life. I feel a deep and primal gratitude for this life, even with all the intensity of existence in this world. It makes me want to sing out, thank you! – and want to give back. 

Each in-breath is a refreshing gift of aliveness, each out-breath is an encouragement for the heart to relax and release into deep peace. Mindfulness with breathing in and out is an act of generous awakening – awakening to the fact that the earth and all living species are in danger, awakening to the insight that we need to take action and support the generations to come, awakening to the joy of being alive. The breath, like all the senses, connects us to all life. 

Of course, without even noticing or trying, we’ve been breathing from the day we were born. This gift of aliveness will keep on giving until the last breath leaves this body. When you and I bring an open beginner’s mind to being mindful about the process of breathing, something magical happens. Breath after breath, we’re HERE, NOW – present, showing up for the only moment any of us has to be truly alive – THIS one. 

Insight and awareness of what’s unfolding in the present is both the path and the goal of this practice. And a great way to begin mindfulness meditation is with the breath, feeling the ebb and flow of receiving and giving, aliveness and generosity. Breathing in, I receive this offering; breathing out, I pass it on. Each mindful breath is an invitation to appreciate the love and generosity of life and discover a new dimension of gratitude for the breath, our life-long companion.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or honor Indigenous Peoples’ Day, it’s good to begin your holiday with a morning meditation – for sanity and support! 
Beth Sternlieb 7:30am Community Sit 
Robin Hart 9:15am Breakfast for the Spirit 
Angela Stubbs 7:30am at Ocean Park Water’s Edge by lifeguard tower #27. 

Happy Holiday!

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