A Note From Trudy: The Whole Elephant

Im in San Francisco at the Wisdom 2.0 conference asking how to bring wisdom and compassion to our use of technology. There are many competing views on this. It is like the ancient story about six people who are blind touching different parts of an e... Read more

A New Home

Even after decades of teaching about the dead-end of hatred, I confess: I hate moving. Even when Im moving to a more spacious and suitable situation, there is a hazy aura of loss, a premature nostalgia for the place Im choosing to leave. Our Los ... Read more

A Note From Spring Washman: A Fierce Heart

AN EXCERPT FROM SPRING WASHAMS NEW BOOK, A FIERCE HEART: In Buddhist tradition, humanity is sometimes described as being lost in a vast ocean. I always imagine all seven billion of us, dog paddling and flailing around desperately, looking for sec... Read more

We depend on mutual caring

Dear Friends, Ram Dass, speaking from his wheelchair, said: Its easier to go around the world to help cure blindness and build hospitals than to need someone to pick me up and put me to bed. Even when were able-bodied, we know what he means. Its ... Read more

It’s Not Too Late

This year is coming to an end. We celebrate having made it through 2017, thanks to our practice of mindfulness, the loving awareness that helps smooth out the lumps and bumps of life. We celebrate a blank slate of fresh possibilities and new ways to... Read more